5.3.2024: More Carlos kittens!
More information

29.2.2024: First litter from Carlos was born 29.2.2024!
More information

20.1.2024: The boys are expecting litters spring 2024!
More information

18.12.2023: We got a little X-mas present from Belgium!This little gentlemen will probably be quite popular among the ladies in the future.

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5.10.2023: I have a new boy from France!
This litte boy from Passaya Cattery has a very nice pedigree and hopefully can add some new blood to our Finnish lines as well.

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13.7.2023: Carlos has arrived from England!
He too is still a kitten, but as he grows up I am sure pretty Korat girls will start to interest him...

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25.6.2023: I have a new stud!
Actually he is just a kitten now, but hopefully will grow up to like Korat females...

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And there will be more news in July...

7.6.2023: Unfortunately Paavo had to be put to sleep today.

11.3.2023: After a very long break I am in the process of getting new studs. More information later this year.

Here are my two Korats today:

Paavo (19 years old)

Milka (soon 16 years old)

3.6.2012: I'm taking a break from active breeding and showing at the moment because of other activities. I also want to give my older cats more peaceful retirement days..

5.11.2010: In June we received a new family member from Australia, Banjo. He has just had his first female visitor. More information of the future litter here.

7.12.2009: Kittens Born! Tinka gave birth to 6 kittens 7.12.2009. Unfortunately one of the boys weighed only 37 grams and did not make it. The kittens live in Kangasala because Tinka is placed with a new breeder. More information and photos here.

16.8.2009: We have a new member to our family! "Esko" is a handsome Korat kitten from France. More information here.

20.6.2009: My cattery has been very quiet after I lost Werner and Kromi to FIP in the beginning of the year 2009. Also 3 kittens from my latest were lost in their new homes to Panleukopenia. My other cats seem to be healthy now, but the coronavirus situation of my studs is still monitored by PCR testing. Because I have no fertile females at home at the moment the only litter that I have planned at the moment is with Tinka, who is placed. Tinka will probably be mated in the late 2009.

20.11.2008: We have a new member to our family! "Kromi" is a handsome little Korat boy from France. More information here.

23.10.2008: Justiina and Milka were spayed today..

5.8.2008: Jussi's kittens were born! Photos here.

2.8.2008: Milka's kittens were born! Photos here.

9.7.2008: Our family has grown! More about "Urpo" here.

25.3.2008: Our latest arrival is Tinka, a sweet Korat kitten from France. Tinka is placed in Turku. More information here.

2.11.2007: Maisa's and Tauno's kittens were born today. Photos here.

28.8.2007: After some consideration I decided to mate Maisa one more time with Tauno before she is spayed. The litter will have a very good pedigree for future breeding plans in Finland. If the mating is successfull the kittens will be born in October.

16.4.2007: Kustaa was neutered today.

14.4.2007: Maisa's kittens were born, photos here.

9.1.2007: Alma's kittens were born, photos here.

23.9.2006: Alma is visiting Kustaa and hopefully we will have kittens in November. New photos of Alma here.

24.7.2006: Kaaleppi has just been awarded the FIFe DM-titel!

21.2.2006: We have a new family member! Tauno moved here from USA.

24.12.2005: We got a new family member just before Christmas. Paavo's son Kustaa moved to us from his breeder Milla Pyötsiä.

17.12.2005: We have moved! New address here.

10.8.2005: Paavo was neutered today. I'm expecting a new breeding male sometime next year.

3.7.2005: Maisa gave birth to 4 female kittens! More about the kittens here.

15.12.2004: Inka's first litter was born. More information on the litter here.

17.10.2004: Maisa's kittens have now all moved to their new homes. Inka has visited a male, so we're expecting a new litter before Christmas. The litter will be registered by Seirene-cattery, but will be raised here.

15.7.2004: Maisa's and Paavo's kittens were born! More information here.

11.3.2004: Pingu has been neutered and the breeding continues with her daughters

22.12.2003: Pingu's kittens have now found homes. Next litter planned for Maisa late spring 2004.

21.10.2003: Pingu's kittens were born! More information here.

30.9.2003: Our new family member paavo has arrived. Pictures of Paavo here.

7.7.2003: Kalle's last litter was born in Melodian-Cattery. Photos and more info here.
Kalle has now been neutered and my next stud will hopefully be his son.

3.6.2003: New litter for Kalle in Tiny-Cattery. More on the kittens here

5.3.2003: Kittens born! Pingu had 2 boys and one girl. More about the kittens here.

27.7.2002: Pingu became a Champion today!

9.7.2002: Kalle's trip to Sweden was succesfull. IC S*Högaforsens Thai Kotta had 4 kittens in Kwanjai's Cattery.

7.6.2002: New litter for my stud Kalle. Dam is EC Poison's Fujin Gin Maihime and there are 4 lovely kittens. Photos here.

12.11.2001: GIC Poison's Fujin Gin Maihime alias Nysse from my second Korat litter was Best In Show last weekend in Stocholm. New Photos of Nysse here.

2.11.2001: Today a visitor from Sweden arrived, a female called Koraby's Gu-Chi-Gu Yang. Margareta Ander brought Gushi to visit Kalle and hopefully next year we'll see the results.

8.9.2001: The boy from my latest litter moved to his new home in Kuusankoski today. Also Miina is now living with Kuppeli at my parents' place. They are enjoying some rural life and Kuppeli has new friends, squirrels (see photo). Miina is not really interested in those. See also new photos of Miina and Kuppeli.

5.6.2001: Miina was spayed today. She will move to my brother soon, he has always liked Miina especially.

4.6.2001: The latest addition to our family came today from Norway. You can meet Pingu here.

23.5.2001: The kittens are growing and now it's time for them to leave. The girls have found good homes, the boy is still looking for his own special family. The latest pictures are here.

22.5.2001: Kaaleppi's latest litter was born in Suchada Cattery with a female Suchada Chery Chery Mayk. The breeder is Heini Järvinen. More information here.

27.2.2001: Kittens finally! Miina gave birth to 4 kittens last night, 2 males and 2 females. Pedigree and photos are here.

1.2.2001: EC Pimai Wan Rambai Barni gave birth to three kittens in Elfi Kleive's cattery, Norway. One of these little ones will hopefully come to live with me. More info and photos of the kittens here.

30.1.2001: Now it's obvious that Miina is pregnant. So finally I'll have kittens of my own again. They should be born in the end of February and here's a link to their pedigree: Poison's litter.

18.1.2001: Kaaleppi's trip to Sweden was succesful! IC Högaforsens Thai Kotta had 4 kittens today in Kwanjai's-Cattery Sweden. More info and photos here.

11.1.2001: Albert's last litter was born today. The proud mother is IC Catfever's Chuming-Mao. More info on these Mingmao's-kittens here.

3.1.2001: A new litter for Albert was born tonight. Dewdrop's Ai Kao Mai gave birth to three kittens. More information on the kittens and photos here.

26.12.2000: The year is close to it's end and Kaaleppi has returned from his Scandinavian tour. Miina didn't get pregnant on the first try, but they tried again on the Christmas eve and hopefully we'll have little Korat kittens at the end of February. You can see the pedigree here.
After the year ends Albert will belong to the family that has kept him for me and I have a feeling that he'll be neutered pretty soon...

4.10.2000: Kaaleppi travelled abroad today. A lovely Korat female Barni waited for him in Elfi Kleive's cattery in Norway. We are hoping to get an addition to our family from this litter. After the trip to Norway Kaaleppi should pay a visit to a Swedish Kwanjai's-cattery.

25.9.2000: I have finally mated Miina! If everything goes as planned, the next Poison's litter will be born at the end of November. You can see the pedigree here.

1.6.2000: A new litter was born for Kaaleppi this morning. CH Catfever's Kuaguo-Xingxing gave birth to three kittens. This is a Catfever's -litter.

6.4.2000: There was a special Korat show and meeting in Redditch, UK last weekend. I was unable to attend, but another Finnish breeder, Sanna Aaltonen, was there and took a lot photos of the cats. Check them out here.

7.3.2000: Another litter for Albert. The mother is IC Kattihovin Piaoling Yinpiao. This is a Steptoe's-litter.

4.3.2000: Albert became a father again today. The mother is Catfever's Liliang-Long. This is a Dewdrop's-litter.

31.12.1999: A new litter for Albert was born early this morning with Melodian Ngam suchada. This is the first Suchada-litter.

31.10.1999: My English import Albert has had his first litter with EC Tatsutan Etasmin Sri-Mat.

22.10.1999: The latest addition to Kaaleppi's litters, this time with GIC Catfever's Fanjia-Meimei.

8.9.1999: Again some new kittens were born to Kaaleppi, this time with GIC Jadeye's Arrogance in Italy. There were three females in this Jadeye's litter.

4.9.1999: A new litter was born to my stud Kaaleppi with IC Jing's Melody-of-Love. This is a Melodian-litter.

9.8.1999: My stud Kaaleppi has had his second litter with Catfever's Liliang-Long. This Dewdrop's-litter was born on the 7th of August.

17.6.1999: I've imported a new male from England, Ellandbee Hello Albert. He is now 6 months old. He will have his first meeting with a lady, EC Tatsutan Etasmin Sri-Mat, in August.

17.5.1999: I showed my stud EC Tatsutan Garion Raja-Rsayah in Odense, Denmark 8th&9th May. On both days he was Best in Variety Korat adult and also Best in Show shorthair. In this show there were many Korats shown from different countries in Europe.

25.4.1999: My queen Maigae was sterilized 16.4.1999 because of an uterus infection. I will use her daughter Miina to breed at least one litter. Miina has a very good pedigree for breeding. Later I will probably import a new female.

February 1999: I have just found out that none of my cats carry the genes that cause GM1- or GM2-gangliosidoses. This is very good news for me.

1998: My stud Kaaleppi has had his first litter. Check them out: Melodian litter