Ellandbee Hello Albert
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FIN SRK LO 21341
2.8% (9 gen.)
Len & Brenda Southern, UK
Albert's litters
Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents
GrCh Vaydel Larn Photo Soigne's Kamrai of Rataekora CH Soigne's Blockbuster CH Soigne's Tywacket
GrCh Soigne's Ty Knee
GrCh Jena Hello Dixie Ch Kon-Lek-Lek Jaem
GrCh Dragonslair Aspen Sugar Blue
4-ever Khiamoukh of Vaydel Jaltari Baby Jason CH Jaltari's Jazz Singer, DM
GC Jaltari's Ain't Misbehavin, DM
Jing's Margaret of 4-ever CH Jesilieu Ratchasima
CH Jing's Tru Blue Su
GrCh Ellandbee Mistyblue June Photo GrCh Rataekora Cooljaz Blues GrCh Rataekora Phra Ngam PR Rataekora Asa
CH Rataekora Sumalee
(S)Ayapur's Kalasin (S) Doklao Nai Ban Photo
IC(S)Saphyr Bat Bendjo Photo
GrCh Denembral Tosca GrCh Petlar's Melvin Polo Korattus GrCh Jena's Tai Pan Photo
Dragonslair Dragonette of Petlar
Gheliana Crissie's Finale CH Jena Tigermoth
Adoneths Crystal Cassandra

I imported Albert from England. He was used for breeding in Finland to give us some fresh blood. Albert is living in a nice family where he can stay as a pet after neutering. Albert has been DNA-tested and is not a carrier of GM1- or GM2-gangliosidosis.

If you notice any mistakes or missing titles, please let me know: outin@nic.fi

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